December 11, 2018

Closing out the year with Buildr

Closing out the year with Buildr

Well, that was fast. 2018 came and went as we're just weeks away from a new year. This year was chock full of significant events; the Royal Wedding, midterm elections, another Red Sox World Series victory, Thanos finally completing his notorious stone collection. Of course, all else pales in comparison to the launch of the new construction tech company, Buildr! We may be a bit biased, but we're pretty excited about our official launch last month at the Procore Groundbreak conference. Buildr became the first ever Procore alumni-led company to build a business on the Procore platform.

Our mission from the beginning of 2018 has been clear, and remains the same going into 2019: provide easy-to-adopt, tailored solutions that advance the industry by automating processes and empowering teams to complete work faster and smarter. Buildr is the vehicle for that mission.

Remedying industry pain points

The response to Buildr has been incredible. To nobody's suprise, there aren't many people in the industry who enjoy wasting weeks to months collecting, renaming, and organizing documents for their closeout package. That’s why we decided to automate the entire process. Buildr is the first-ever closeout tool designed by former Procore engineers specifically for current Procore customers.  

Based on feedback from our customers and strategic partners such as XL Construction, Buildr saves a minimum of two days a month for the team members assigned the closeout duties for a project.

Director of Construction Technology for XL Construction, DJ Phipps, spoke on Buildr:

"We no longer have to perform the manual process of collecting documents, closing everything out and extracting RFIs, submittals, and other documents from Procore. This automates our closeout and saves precious clicks and time throughout the life of the project."

Construction closeout made simple

Here is what the tool does:

  • Collect documents from your subcontractors using the Procore submittal tool
  • Organize and save these documents automatically to your closeout dashboard
  • Sync all RFIs, submittals, drawings, daily logs, etc. from Procore into our system with the nomenclature of your choosing with all attachments saved online as one document
  • View our easy-to-use dashboard to track the closeout progress
  • Export the closeout package, perfectly organized, in a zip folder that's ready to turn over to the owner

The interest and support we received at Groundbreak was amazing, and we want to thank everyone who already purchased Buildr pilot projects and took advantage of the Groundbreak discount. We are excited about what’s in store for 2019 and we’re committed to helping you save time with your closeout process. If you would like to test out this product for one of your projects and use the 30% Groundbreak discount, there’s still time. Just visit our website at and reach out to us. The discount is good through December 31st!

Stop wasting time managing documents and get back to doing what you love... building.