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A successful facility starts at groundbreak.
Build a facility that lasts generations with the all-in-one Buildr platform.
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Closeout your projects
Closeout your jobs without the chaos.
Closeout jobs faster by automating and tracking the collection of documents so you can focus on what matters most - building.
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“Closeout time was cut in half, and we haven't received a single call from the maintenance crew looking for documents. Closeout was almost fun to do. Buildr is a lifesaver.”
Maggie Archer
Project Engineer
Deliver your projects
Deliver the tools to set your facility up for success.
Drawings, warranties, O&Ms, photos, training videos — the list of post-construction essentials goes on. Deliver key information in a mobile-friendly format so it can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
“From the automation of document collection to the final close-out package to the owner, Buildr has created a product that simplifies the close-out process and allows us to deliver to our clients without the significant time commitment.”
Ryan Cleverdon
Project Engineer
Turner Construction
Buildr on mobile
Buildr warranty management
Maintain your facilities
Maintain and improve your new facility.
Building does not end with construction - get equipped to maintain, protect, and improve your assets. Report and track warranty claims, perform maintenance, and increase the lifetime value of your assets.
“Buildr's warranty tool adds an additional layer to our client centric post construction services - giving us an edge when it comes to leaving a lasting impression.”
Nichole Carter
Business Analyst
Haselden Construction
“the team at Buildr is taking years of construction technology experience and applying that knowledge to developing products that drive value and solve problems for the construction industry.”
Tooey Courtemanche
Customer success
Real support from real people.
Support from industry professionals who care about your success.
Buildr customer success team
Buildr customer support
Irvine, CA
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